LockerGoga: The Dangerously Changing Face Of Ransomware


Ransomware is a type of malware which encrypts the user’s file until he/she does not hand over a designated sum of ransom. However, the recent iteration of the infamous malware known as LockerGoga Ransomware could have catastrophic effects in the digital as well as physical space.

The first instance of the dangerous LockerGoga ransomware surfaced in January 2019. Hackers attacked a French consultancy company by the name of Altran Technologies. The attack rendered the company’s firewall disabled and closed down it’s IT network.

After the initial attack, hackers have now diverted their attention to targeting Industrial and manufacturing complexes. They’d take over systems operating heavy machinery, thus bringing the manufacturing process to a screeching halt.

Some instances of the LockerGoga attack have been furious than the usual. The latest version of LockerGoga snatches all the access from the user and doesn’t allow any way to pay the ransom. Factory operators affected by such a malware are rendered entirely unable to control their machinery.

A typical LockerGoga Virus works in the following way:LockerGoga Ransomware Attack

After gaining admin access, the scope of destruction is limited to the malice of the hackers. However, the chaos level disruption is counterproductive to the hackers themselves, hence any chances of it happening are rare.

People and businesses can defend themselves against the ransomware by routinely updating their antivirus software. Additional steps like regularly backing up essential files, securing email gateways and minimizing exposure to critical data are also some competent precautionary steps.

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