Linus Torvalds’s Famous Email — The First Linux Announcement

linus torvalds first email message linux announcement

linus torvalds first email message linux announcement

28 years ago, Linus Torvalds made the first Linux announcement. He sent an email to fellow coders and asked for their help. At that time, Linus called Linux a hobby project that won’t be big or professional like GNU.

Linux has turned 28 years old today and we are looking back at its incredible journey and how things started. It has now become world’s most famous project with millions of lines of code.

Back then, Linux creator Linus Torvalds sent out a message asking for help from fellow developers. He mentioned a new operating system that he was developing just as a hobby. He hoped that it won’t be big or professional link gnu. Interestingly, today, we can count Linux among one of the most professional software projects.

Here’s the complete message, which is also the first Linux announcement from Linus Torvalds:


You can read the entire mailing thread here. Unlike today’s internet, this message was followed by general interest, and people were keen to know more and offered suggestions.

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