How to Convert a USB Charger Into a Linux Computer

charger linux computer
charger linux computer

charger-linux-computerShort Bytes: This DIY from Chris Robinson of NODE will show you how to make your own Linux computer from a USB charger. This uses Raspberry Pi compatible ODROID board and runs on Raspbian OS.

In this article, I’m going to tell you about how to make a little Linux computer from a USB charger. It’s a truly portable Linux computer, and I came across it yesterday when I was reading some Linux news on the web.In the past we’ve shared DIYs like How to build weather satellite Images Receiver With $20 Dongle. I absolutely loved Chris Robinson’s article on NODE and I instantly thought of sharing this DIY with our fossBytes readers.

In the past, Chris has made projects like handheld Raspberry Pi powered Linux terminal and this Linux computer project is even smaller. This Linux computer fits inside a modified USB charger plug and runs on a very small power.

This design uses ODROID-W development board, which is Raspberry Pi and Raspbian compatible. You’ll also be needing a USB charger with US, UK and EU attachments to make it usable in all countries. Other materials include a Wi-Fi adapter, a micro SD card and few other small things.

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Assembling all these requirements isn’t much tough if you have a basic knowledge of soldering.

You just have to plug in the charger and stay in the WiFi range. Chris writes that you can use if for applications like running a personal file/media server, a TOR relay, a Bitcoin node, your personal VPN, a silent motion alarm with the RPi Camera, a pentesting tool, or simply a remote use Linux system.

Besides WiFi, you can use a USB ethernet adapter to connect it physically. Since, you’ll be working with electrical components, follow instructions of Chris closely.

If you are interested in making this little Linux computer from a USB charger, follow this link for NODE’s detailed tutorial.

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