‘Fedora Kinoite’ To Debut In Fedora 35: KDE Version of Fedora Silverblue

'Fedora Kinoite' To Debut In Fedora 35: KDE Version of Fedora Silverblue

Last year, Fedora versions 32 and 33 introduced a new ISO snapshot Comp-NeuroFedora lab and Fedora IoT as official editions, respectively.

The Fedora project has already approved another new Fedora i3 Spin, featuring a very well-known and lightweight i3 tiling window manager for the next Fedora 34, which will be released in April this year.

Now, continuing the streak of bringing new official ISO with every Fedora release, the Fedora Engineering and Steering Committee (FESCo) has approved another new ‘Fedora Kinoite’ spin to debut as the official edition in Fedora 35, which will arrive in October 2021.

As its description says, Fedora Kinoite is an immutable desktop operating system based on the same technologies as Fedora Silverblue such as a hybrid image or package system RPM-OSTree, software deployment and universal package management utility Flatpak, and container management tool Podman.

Interestingly, instead of the GNOME desktop, Fedora Kinoite will feature the KDE Plasma desktop environment.

So, if you wanted the immutable Fedora Silverblue but with KDE desktop environment, then Fedora Kinoite is coming to fulfill that wish.

Fedora Kinoite is to the Fedora KDE Spin what Fedora Silverblue is to Fedora Workstation.

Speaking of the Kinoite name, it is chosen mainly for three reasons:

  • KDE based projects traditionally start with a ‘K’
  • Kinoite is a blue mineral, thus referring to both the ‘silver’ and ‘blue’ part of Silverblue, and the blue colour of the KDE logo
  • “Kinoite” means “There is a tree” in Japanese, thus referring to the ‘tree’ in ‘ostree.’

If you want to try this KDE version variant of Fedora Silverblue before its stable release, you can check out its unofficial preview and test using the instructions given here.

Since Fedora Kinoite is still under development, it currently has several limitations such as partial Flatpak support and no rpm-ostree support in Discover.

Via — Phoronix

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