Sublime Text 3.0 Released With New Features — Download Here For Linux, Windows, Mac

Sublime Text is one of best text editors around, there’s no doubt about that. Making this tool even better, its developers have just pushed the latest and much-awaited Sublime Text 3.0 release with new features.

Compared to the last beta which was pushed out last year in September, which is about one year ago, Sublime Text 3.0 brings a refreshed UI theme, a new icon, and a new color scheme. “Virtually every aspect of the editor has been improved in some way, and even a list of the major changes would be too long,” the Sublime Text 3.0 release announcement reads.

The big improvements in Sublime Text 3.0 are related to syntax highlighting, APIs, spell checking, GoTo Definition, automatic indentation, etc. Compared to Sublime Text 2, this release is significantly faster, and the scrolling is smoother.

Talking about the particular changes from the last beta for Linux, you get apt/yum/pacman repositories for Linux, the X11 selection is updated every time on the clipboard when selection changes, improved MOD3 modifier, etc. For Windows, there’s touch input support, improvements for touchpad scrolling, file change detection, font selection, fallback font handling in UI elements, etc. The improvements for macOS are Touch Bar support, custom color window title bars support, layout changes, better web browser detection, etc.

Please note that the changes mentioned above are as compared to the last beta. Find the complete changelog here.

In case you’ve purchased your Sublime Text license from Feb 2013 onwards, it’ll be valid for Sublime Text 3.0. If that isn’t the case, feel free to perform an upgrade by visiting this link. For a free evaluation of Windows, Linux, and Mac versions, visit this link.

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