Zuckerberg Can Delete Messages From Recipient’s Inbox, You Cannot!

Mark Zuckerberg Deletes Messages
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A couple of days ago, it was revealed that Facebook scans all the messages and videos you send through messenger. As if this wasn’t enough to breach user’s trust, there is another report which confirms that Facebook deletes Mark Zuckerberg’s messages from inboxes of people while you cannot do the same to yours.

TechCrunch has reviewed an email receipt from three sources which proves that the messages they received from Facebook’s CEO have been wiped out from their FB inboxes, while their sent texts still show up in the conversation thread.

Messages sent by Zuckerberg no longer appears in Facebook’s chat logs or even in the downloaded copy of their FB account data, making it look like the recipients were talking to themselves.

On being questioned, Zuckerberg declined to answer directly, but a statement given to TechCrunch say that it was done for corporate security purposes.

“After Sony Pictures’ emails were hacked in 2014 we made a number of changes to protect our executives’ communications. These included limiting the retention period for Mark’s messages in Messenger,” said Facebook.

Even though it has been observed that Zuckerberg’s recent messages and old texts from before 2014 are still visible to some users hinting that the retraction was done selectively. But many more sources have now appeared claiming that their’s have vanished.

And it still raises suspicion if this act was an infringement of user trust as Facebook never announced the actions taken to remove messages from users’ inboxes nor informed the recipients privately.

Considering Facebook has a policy that users can only delete chats from their inbox, but it would still appear in the receiver’s inbox. Also, there is no “retention period” of messages for normal users – indicating that Zuckerberg and other executives receive special treatment.

Perhaps it is a move to show who is the CEO, eh?

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