Ex-NSA Hacker Shows How To Make A Car Dance To Your Tunes

car hack
car hack

car hackShort Bytes: We came across a YouTube video produced by Motherboard in which ex-NSA employee Charlie Miller demonstrated how he could gain full control of a technologically advanced car by using a tiny device and his laptop.

The friendship between cars and computers has been widely witnessed with the advent of the 21st century. Modern cars are equipped with all sorts of technologies like Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS, and various other variety of sensors.

Basically, cars are getting smarter every minute. Well, the smartness is costly at the current point in time. Budget cars aren’t loaded with many computers in comparison to their pocket burning alternatives. However, that’s a different point to discuss, let us focus on the digital side of the driving.

A new hobby that has been observed in a while is car hacking. Tiny smartphone-sized devices can unlock cars costing thousands of dollars within a matter of seconds. And the best part, or the worst — they can be bought at a minimal price ranging from $50 to $100.

Now, the thing that blew our mind is a video in which the security researcher Charlie Miller gives a small demonstration of how he can make a car dance to his tunes. Miller has worked for NSA in the past and performed similar car hacking demo last year when he hacked a moving jeep on a highway. And the thing which will give you goose bumps is that he did that from outside the jeep.

In the video, Miller controlled a high-tech car by using his laptop. But he had to sit inside the car this time, gaining physical access to the car by use of some tiny device–not the one I mentioned earlier–because the bug used to hack the jeep was rectified. Miller said that he could control even a million of such cars using his laptop. Set a particular radio frequency, and even turn off the engine of all of them in a single go.

Modern cars have computers which can be hacked. We only hope fewer flaws should be present in the software of these computer cars, shrinking the possibility that any hacker exploits them.

So, watch the video and see the magic:

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