Drone Update: Amazon Chooses India to Launch its Prime Air

Amazon Prime Air Drone HD Wallpaper Wide FILEminimizer
Amazon Prime Air Drone HD Wallpaper Wide FILEminimizer

Today all big companies are trying to use drones as a tool to support themselves in business and providing better services to their customers. The applications of drones are increasing day by day and the countries like USA are making laws to protect their airspace.

According to a report by The Economic Times, Indian cities like Bangalore and Mumbai are going to be used as the testing sites for Amazon’s drone project called Prime Air  to facilitate its deliveries.

This report has come in the wake of the new laws being passed in USA regarding regulations on drones. This has made the home country a tough playground for Amazon to toy with Prime Air’s testing experiment.

FAA (Federation of American Aviation) has termed flying unmanned vehicles as unacceptable. On the contrary India has no such law regulating drones. So, Amazon will not be breaking any laws in India. Recently a lot of American National Parks also banned drones.

Currently there is a lot of heat in Indian E-Commerce market and Amazon’s biggest competitor is Flipkart. After a recent raise of $1B by Flipkart, Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos announced $2B investment the very next day in Amazon India.

The Directorate General of Civil Aviation said that it isn’t aware of any such plans.

“It could be as early as Diwali,” said one source.

Prime Air is an octocopter with eight rotors. It weighs approximately 25kg and while moving with a speed of 80kmph, it can carry a payload of 2.26kg.

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