Short Bytes: There’s no sign that the USA president-elect, Donald Trump, has given up his personal Android device. The security experts have called his regular Android smartphone a security threat to the USA and its allies. While Trump wishes to continue using his personal phones, this won’t be possible due to the high risks involved.

Various security experts have analyzed Trump’s social media activity–his posts and comments–and arrived at a conclusion that he’s still using a regular Android phone.

The experts have said that his personal mobile phone poses a major security risk to the United States and its allies. It’s a well-known fact that Google’s Android platform is a goldmine of security flaws and widely regarded vulnerable to hacking attacks.

Talking to The Telegraph, Martin Alderson, co-founder of mobile security company Codified Security, told that President Obama was given a phone modified for his personal use. He was believed to be using a hardened version of Samsung Galaxy S4. On that device, the NSA had blocked every kind of communication except for calling feature.

Here’s a funny Jimmy Fallon interview where Obama explains his old-school phone:

Contrary to Obama, Donald Trump has already announced that he wishes to continue using his personal smartphone. He worries that his White House entry will disconnect him from the outside world.

While the president-elect is seen using his smartphone many times a day, it’s interesting to note that he doesn’t know how to use a computer.

The experts believe that there’s no way he’ll be able to continue using his Android phone in the same manner. “The number of critical vulnerabilities on his choice platform Android, such as Stagefright, TowelRoot, and Quadrooter, show that Android is high risk for someone in his position,” Alderson says.

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