Build 14 Websites While Taking This Full Stack Web Developer Course


The rise of the internet has introduced one necessity, building websites that are fast, look good, and don’t break every now and then. You might have seen sites which barely qualify the definition of websites.

Such things have led to an increase in the number of web developers across the globe. People have now become more serious about taking web development courses and building websites on their own. That’s because everyone wants a beautiful and responsive website, and this has made web development a promising career.

At Fossbytes Academy, we are offering a highly discounted web developer bundle for $14.99 (92% discount). The course includes 28 hours content for you start from basic HTML and all the way up to building mobile web apps based on HTML5 and jQuery Mobile. You’ll also be able to add APIs and connect Google Maps, Twitter, Facebook, etc. to your website.

What’s more is that you can club the knowledge of this $15 web developer course with our Pay What You Want: WordPress Hero Bundle if you’re still depending on custom themes for your WordPress blog or website. An in-depth knowledge about web development can help a person have control over every bit of their website rather depending on other developers to update their themes.

Grab The Complete Web Developer Course: Build 14 Websites for $14.99 deal on Fossbytes Academy.

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