fossBytes Launches BotArena — World’s Most Informative Bot Store


BOTARENA BOT STORE BY FOSSBYTESAs we continue to download more and more apps on our tiny mobile screens, our devices get more cluttered and it becomes harder to manage them. While I’ve installed numerous applications on my smartphone, I only use 5-6 apps every day and I believe the same is true for everybody.

Now, the same applications are being developed as a platform to build bots for fulfilling our different needs. There are messaging bots that can read and write messages for you, e-commerce bots can be used for buying and ordering goods, taxi-booking bots take care of your rides, and what not. Within no time, bots have become the new apps and bot stores have become the new app stores.

Compared to a regular mobile application, bots are way easier to install. You just need to find the right bot that fulfills your needs and start using it right from inside of your application. From a developer point of view, they are also much easier to build, deploy, and maintain.

Last year, we launched Viral News — our homegrown content discovery platform to get the finest technology news from all around the web. This year, to make the process of sharing and discovering a bot easier, fossBytes created a bot store BotArena, and it’s the world’s most informative bot store.BOTARENA HOME PAGE bot store

How to explore new bots on

If you are the end-user, the process of exploring and finding a bot on BotArena is as simple as a child’s play. Here, bots are categorized on the basis of platforms (Messenger bots, Slack bots, Telegram bots etc.), categories (gaming bots, social bots, news bots etc.), and bot type (A.I. bots and decision-making bots).botarena bot store category

Inspiring our tagline “Bots For Everything“, each of the above-mentioned sections has numerous bots. We are continuously adding more bots to BotArena to make it more comprehensive and useful.

How to submit your bot to BotArena?

If you are a bot developer and want to submit your own bot, you need to provide the description, appropriate category, website links, and other relevant data.

Please make sure that you fill out every possible detail to make your bot listing more informative and helpful. After a quick review, we’ll be approving your bot and it’ll be listed on BotArena.
botarena submit bot page

If you are a developer who loves to make new and exciting things, BotArena is here to become your new best friend. We will be soon sharing details on building your own bot for Slack and Messenger.

We’re present on Twitter and Facebook, so, feel free to reach us regarding submissions, requests, or anything else.

Visit, explore and try awesome bots, and give your valuable feedback. Thanks!

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