So You Want To Become A Successful Programmer? Here’s A “Secret” Skill

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learn to codeShort Bytes: Apart from learning how to code, an aspiring developer needs to cultivate some other skills. Stressing the importance of writing good English, ex-Microsoft engineer Mike Borozdin says that writing skills allow one to discover (and grab) new opportunities. He says that a developer can easily improve writing skills by keeping a blog.

You might have read a lot about the benefits of learning to code. For some, coding becomes a fun process. For others, it could become quite challenging due to numerous reasons. That’s why one needs to access his/her interests and select a right programming language to get started.

However, in the real scenario, succeeding in the tech industry is much more than honing your programming skills. Recently, I came across a Business Insider article from last year that featured an interview of Mike Borozdin, an ex-Microsoft engineer.

Advising the budding developers and engineers, here’s what Borozdin had to say:

“I would advise folks in software to do one thing, and that’s write. Learn how to write…It’s actually useful. You need to know how to express yourself. And it’s really tough for a lot of engineers to step up and do public speaking.”

Borozdin says that knowing how to write well is important as it allows developers to interact with their managers, bosses, and clients more clearly. He outlines the fact that once a developer creates a successful piece of software, he/she has to write English as much as writing code. 

This suggestion made by Borozdin is pretty accurate as after writing a great piece of software, there are chances that one will have to get in touch with others more frequently.

Writing well helps when one needs to prepare the documentation and explanations. A developer also needs to answer people’s queries. Borozdin says that poor writing is very common in today’s startup community and it can kill a person’s dreams.

Well, if you are wondering that developers need to focus more on writing and less on coding, here’s what Borozdin has to say:

“You don’t need to stop being a hardcore coder. Just add a little sprinkle of skills to express yourself.”

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