Arcane Act 2 Episodes 4, 5, And 6 Release Date & Time

Arcane Act 2 Episode 4, 5, 6 Release Date & Time
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Riot Games has just released Act 1 of its first animated series Arcane. While there have been three episodes released so far, Arcane looks promising. Moreover, fans are eager to watch Act 2 of Arcane. If you’re one such fan, sit tight, and we’ll let you know everything about the Arcane Act 2 release date and time.

Arcane is based on League of Legends, a hugely popular MOBA title from Riot Games. While Riot is known for developing many successful multiplayer games, the animated series Arcane is a first for the publisher.

RiotX Arcane

In view of the release of the animated series, Riot has announced “RiotX Arcane.” The event will span across all of Riot’s titles and will continue for a period of 30 days. The event will introduce new weapon skins in Valorant, along with many other goodies throughout Riot’s other titles.

Arcane follows a different format of episodes

First off, let’s address the elephant in the room; as confirmed by both Riot and Netflix, Arcane will be released in three acts, each featuring three episodes, making Season 1 of Arcane a total of 9 episodes. With the first three episodes of Act 1 of Arcane already out on Netflix, fans are eagerly awaiting Arcane Act 2’s release date and time, featuring episode 4 of Arcane.

Arcane Act 2 Release date

Now that the Act release of Arcane is sorted out let’s clear the air around the Arcane Act 2 release date and time on Netflix, which will follow a weekly schedule. Oh, and the animated series is only available on Netflix; in case your subscription expires, we suggest you renew it.

Arcane Act 2 episodes 4, 5, and 6’s release date on the streaming platform is Saturday, November 13th, 2021. Moreover, you can find out more about the animated series on Acrane’s official website.

Arcane Act 2 Release time

As for Arcane Act 2 release time, episodes 4, 5, and 6 will be out on the streaming platform at 11 PM PDT. However, it is to be noted that neither Riot nor Netflix has confirmed the release time of the Arcane Act 2 episodes 4, 5, 6. As for the time mentioned above, it is in accordance with Arcane Act 1’s release date and time, which featured episodes 1-3. Furthermore, if you wish to check the release time of Arcane Act 2 episode 4 in your local time, you can do so here.

As for any change in Arcane Act 2 release date and time, don’t worry. We’ll make sure to update this article in case Riot or Netflix decides to make any changes to the Arcane Act 2 release date or time.

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