Apple Open Sources ‘Password Manager Resources’ Project

Apple oPen source password manager resources

Apple makes one of the best-in-class password manager tools, which goes by the name of iCloud Keychain.

Now, the company is taking its password management efforts to another level; it has released a new open source project called Password Manager Resources.

As per the company, it wants developers to take advantage of what Apple already knows and bring improvements that will benefit the password management tools in general. The project is available in Apple’s GitHub repo and includes resources on the site-specific requirements used by iCloud Keychain to generate strong and unique passwords.

Developers can also find details on which websites share a common sign-in system, and links to websites’ pages where users change passwords.

Apple says that sharing resources can bring more improvements with less effort, instead of working individually. It can further push websites to adopt common password standards and improve compatibility with different password managers.

The project comes at a time when Apple has a cross-device password keeper already in place. Also, last year, Apple announced the ‘Sign-in with Apple’ SSO button, which is an alternative to sign-in options from Google and Facebook.

Apple said back then that its single sign-on button takes a different road and tries to maintain the privacy of its users by supplying less data to third-party sites.

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