This IT Solution Makes It Easy To Manage Apple Devices In The Office

Jamf Now Manage Apple Devices

Any IT professional will tell you that configuring each employee’s individual Apple product to work within an office networking infrastructure can be a nightmare—thanks to a sea of firewalls, lost passwords, and separate email clients.

Jamf Now is a groundbreaking service that makes it easy to quickly configure and manage everyone’s Apple device within your company’s unique environment, and when you sign up right now you’ll be able to manage up to three devices for free, for life.

Jamf Now is a cloud-based, mobile device management solution for the iPad, iPhone, and Mac that makes it easy and affordable to provide streamlined IT support for your entire team.

You’ll be able to quickly configure all Apple devices through a simple cloud setting that simultaneously syncs every account, manage your user base using intuitive tools that allow you to deploy apps with the click of a button, and reassign licenses as your workforce changes.

This service also makes it easy to protect your employees from cyber threats—thanks to a series of unique password generators and encryption protocols.

Take the headaches out of configuring Apple products within your company and start managing three devices for free by signing up with Jamf Now.

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