How To Clear Browsing History On Edge? | Step-by-step Guide

how to clear browsing history in edge
Illustration: Fossbytes / Priye Rai

Browsing history helps us track the web pages we visited in the past. However, if you want to start afresh or have never deleted your old browsing data, it is recommended to do the same. This guide will show you how to clear your browsing history on Edge.

Getting rid of the historical data stored in Microsoft’s browser involves a relatively simple process. You can clear Edge’s browsing history on both PC and mobile by following some really easy steps.

Clear browsing history on Edge

Delete browsing history on Edge on a PC

  1. On Edge, click on the ellipsis icon near the top-right corner.
ellipsis button in edge

2. From the menu, choose the “Settings” option.

settings option in menu edge

3. In the Settings tab, select “Privacy, search, and services.”

privacy search and services edge settings

4. Scroll down to the “Clear browsing data” section and click “Choose what to clear.”

choose what to clear button history settings edge

5. In the pop-up window, select the time range, check “Browsing history,” and click on “Clear now.”

browsing history clear now edge

Delete browsing history in Edge on a mobile

  1. Open the Edge app and tap on the ellipsis icon in the bottom menu.
ellipsis button in edge mobile

2. Now, tap on the “Settings” button.

settings in ellipsis menu edge mobile

3. From the Settings page, select “Privacy and security.”

privacy and security in edge mobile

4. Next, tap on the “Clear browsing data” option.

clear browsing data button edge mobile

5. Choose the time range, check the “Browsing history” option, and finally hit the “Clear data” button.

clear browsing history edge mobile

So, with that, we wrap up our guide on how to delete Edge browsing history. If you want to read more Edge how-tos on topics such as how to set up a custom homepage and start-up page, check out our dedicated section.

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