Google Assistant Becomes More Naturally Conversational And Visually Assistive

google assistant

Google is making efforts to make its flagship product Google Assistant become more naturally conversational and visually assistive. To this end, the company has announced several new features to upgrade user experience and help people around the world to help get things done faster.

Assistant’s language understanding has been improved greatly so that users can speak naturally to the voice assistant, and it will understand what it means by capturing subtleties like pitch, pace, and pauses that convey meaning.

Thanks to AI and WaveNet, users will be able to choose from six new voices to add a personal touch to their Google Assistant and later this year, you will get to hear John Legend’s voice too.

Another feature called “Continued Conversation” will make conversation with Assistant more natural by letting you chat with Google without having to say “Hey Google” each time you send a command.

The company is rolling out another feature called Multiple Actions which allows you direct to multiple requests in one sentence and Assistant will be able to recognize the two actions it needs to perform.

Now your virtual assistant will also help you get through the day easily by giving suggestions based on the time of day and location, providing a summary of tasks, arranging food pick-up and delivery and much more.

In the next few months, the Assistant will be integrated with Google Maps so that you can send text messages, play music, obtain information and get things done by interacting with it without leaving the navigation screen.

Google also has plans to help businesses through AI. A new technology “Google Duplex” will enable Assistant to call businesses to get things done. This means you can ask your Assistant to book tables at restaurants and schedule a haircut appointment at the salon just by voice commands.

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