Free Characters You Should Pick In Free Fire 3rd Anniversary Event

free fire anniversary event

Free Fire is a mobile-based game where you play with a limited number of players around the world. Each game lasts for about 10-minutes, where people are put in a spawn island against 49 other players. Players choose their dropping point at the start of the game and try to find weapons and to survive until they win.

The game offers multiple modes, characters, gun skins, outfits, etc. Free Fire is free for everyone but with in-game purchases. Players can buy Elite pass to get new gun skins, outfits, etc.

You can choose to play solo versus solo, duo versus duo, squad versus squad, or you can play solo versus squad to test your abilities, and within a 10-minute game, you can be a solo winner or a squad winner.

3rd Anniversary Outlook:

In addition to the Free Fire 3rd Anniversary, Garena Free Fire is working hard to give a massive benefit to F2P players around the world. To make the 3rd Anniversary a big occasion, they are planning multiple events throughout August 2020.

The new update includes free characters, one diamond top up, new gun skin, and remastered Bermuda. All these new things can bring a lot of new players. All the characters have unique powers, but given below are some of the overpowered characters. 

26 Free Characters on Free Fire 3rd Anniversary:

Free Fire 3rd Anniversary rewards are such a big surprise for many of the players around the world as Free Fire said itself “one-time-only opportunity,” which means it’s probably not coming back again. There are multiple events where players can win a lot of different stuff by just logging in daily.

Most of the game targets P2P players as they are the source of their income, but in the Free Fire case, they are offering a chance for F2P players to win one character out of 26 characters. Yes, you can have a character of your own choice, a character you wanted for so long can be yours.

What you need to do before the Free Fire 3rd Anniversary is to go to Free Fire’s Facebook page and share the post. They set certain criteria in which both players and developers can win. As soon as the post reaches 150k shares, the five characters will be unlocked, on 300k shares you can unlock 15 characters, and at 400k shares players can unlock 26 characters to choose one of the characters on Free Fire 3rd Anniversary.

Characters You Should Pick in Free Fire:

On Free Fire 3rd Anniversary, you will be given a chance to pick any one of the 26 characters on 23rd August. Don’t forget this will probably be added to the daily login reward. All you will need to do during Free Fire 3rd Anniversary is log in daily for a week or so.

Also, you will be able to win and use the free character trail card. It is one of the ways to know what character you want more. From 13-18 August 2020, you will be able to win the Attackers trail cards; from 19-24 August, you will be able to win Charger trail cards; and from 25-30 August you will be able to win Scout trail cards. 

Make sure to log in daily during Free Fire 3rd Anniversary, so you don’t miss the opportunity to know your character better. Let’s take a look at which character is best to pick on Free Fire 3rd Anniversary:

  1. Joseph
  2. Wolfrahh
  3. A124
  4. Shani
  5. Alvaro
  6. Notora
  7. Olivia
  1. Joseph:

Joseph is a player with his nutty movement attribute; he can gain movement and sprinting speed upon taking damage. Pair Joseph with Ford, Ford reduces damage taken outside the zone.

  1. Wolfrahh: 

Wolfrahh came out as a free character for all, but if you have missed it, you have a chance to own him. With his Limelight attribute, he can increase damage dealt by 25% and reduces headshots damage by 25%.

  1. A124:

A124 is one of the best choices. With her exclusive skill and attribute, she can be a dangerous 18-year-old girl or a battle girl. She can convert about 50 EP into HP; EP can be gained by consuming mushrooms.

  1. Shani:

Shani can restore armor durability after every kill; she can be considered one of the best Free Fire characters. Consider pairing her with characters like Kapella, Steffie, and Jota.

  1. Alvaro:

Alvaro’s Art of Demolition not only increases damage dealt but also increases the damage range. Pair it with DJ Alok, and you will be nearly immortal.

  1. Notora:

Notora is a support hero; she restores hp of teammates and herself by five every second when in a vehicle. If you pair her with Misha, they can both be pretty beneficial for the squad. Misha increases vehicle speed, and Notora can keep your health full after sudden sprays.

  1. Olivia:

Olivia is a supporting character; if a player gets revived by Olivia, the player will get an extra 6% HP, the additional HP will increase by her ability level, and it will go up to 30% HP. Pair Joseph, DJ Alok, A124, and Olivia, you will have the perfect squad (if you have a grasp on the characters).

LDPlayer’s Event of Free Fire on 3rd Anniversary:

You can also play different android games on an android emulator for a bigger screen with better graphics and easy to use controls. LDPlayer is the best emulator for Free Fire, Pubg, Rise of Kingdoms, Eve Echoes, etc.

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To celebrate the Free Fire 3rd Anniversary, LDPlayer is also releasing multiple events for players around the world. You can win up to 11000 diamonds out of 300k diamonds as long as you participate in the LDPlayer event.

Follow LDPlayer’s Facebook account, go to Reddit and join the official Reddit community. Follow the instructions, and you can earn 5500 diamonds from each event (Facebook and Reddit). Also, make a review video of playing Free Fire on LDPlayer emulator “Best emulator for Free Fire” and upload it to your channel.


Both of the events provide you a chance to push your game with new skins and outfits, and you can buy other characters if you want.You can also play Free Fire on PC with LDPlayer. It doesn’t just provide high graphics; it also removes lag from your game, offering you a chance to be the last man standing.

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