Happy Birthday Raspberry Pi — Four Years Of The Best Pi Ever Made

raspberry pi
raspberry pi

raspberry pi

Short Bytes: This month, Raspberry Pi is celebrating its fourth anniversary. Since 2012, this ultra-affordable single-board computer has changed lives of many students and DIY enthusiast. In this article, watch a video created by ‘The Raspberry Pi Guy’ and share your Pi stories with us.

Today, we are celebrating the 4th anniversary of Raspberry Pi as the first Pi went on sale on 29th February, exactly 4 years ago. I remember being in college when I first heard about the Raspberry Pi and a personal computer under $35 seemed pretty cool.

Raspberry Pi has changed many lives by kickstarting many people’s passions in electronics and programming. Developed by the Raspberry Pi Foundation, the device has done wonders both in the developed and developing countries.

Till date, more than six million Raspberry Pis have been sold and it has become the fastest selling British personal computer. Going one step ahead, in November, the Foundation launched Raspberry Pi Zero, a smaller product with a price tag of $5.

On behalf of the Raspberry Pi community, Matt Timmons-Brown, aka The Raspberry Pi Guy, has created this video to celebrate the achievements. Take a look:


If you are willing to get started with DIYing and making new things with Pi, here’s something amazing:

The Complete Raspberry Pi 2 Starter Kit

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