Call of Duty Mobile New ‘Smoke Bomber’ Class Has An Unfair Advantage

Call of Duty Mobile New 'Smoke Bomber' Class Is Too Overpowering
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Players are still exploring Season 6 of Call of Duty Mobile, which brought in a lot of new content. Now, a few days ago, Call of Duty Mobile released the Season 7 update for its test servers.

The update introduced a lot of new exciting content in Call of Duty Mobile beta. For instance, the Battle Royale map is much bigger after the update. Also, the Multiplayer in Call of Duty Mobile beta now has a new operator skill, Takeo’s Katana.

However, what’s interesting is that Call of Duty Mobile Battle Royale has got a new class following the beta update, which is the ‘Smoke Bomber.’

What Is the ‘Smoke Bomber’ Battle Royale Class?

The Smoke Bomber BR class gives players the ability to throw a powerful smoke grenade towards the enemy. And the amount of smoke that comes out of the grenade is just insane. Also, the thick smoke does so much more than just impacting the vision of enemies. Surprisingly, the smoke also slows down the enemies, preventing them from running away from the smoke.

Now, you must be wondering, how the player will see the enemies when they are surrounded by the smoke. Well, that’s where things get interesting. The enemy won’t see you, but you can see all the enemies within the smoke. That gives you an opportunity to shoot down your enemies, and they won’t be able to do anything.

Perfect for 1v4 Situations

The one versus four situations is very usual in Battle Royale games like Call of Duty Mobile. Very often, single players go against an entire squad of four without any help. In that scenario, killing the whole squad and getting out of there alive is very unlikely for a solo player.

However, if a player is using ‘Smoke Bomber’ BR class, then wiping out an entire squad is much easier. The player just has to throw the smoke grenade at the time when all the enemies are close. Then, the whole team will be trapped in the smoke, which will be the perfect opportunity to kill them.

Smoke Bomber Class Will Make ‘Poltergeist’ And ‘Trickster’ Useless

By now, you must be well aware of the Poltergeist and Trickster BR class. If yes, then you should know that the new ‘Smoke Bomber’ BR class will destroy the other two Battle Royale classes.

Poltergeist vs Smoke Bomber

The Call of Duty Mobile players can use Poltergeist to sneak up on their enemies without getting seen. However, other players get notified that there is a poltergeist near them through a proximity warning. Despite that, it’s hard to deny that Poltergeist is a dangerous Battle Royale class.

However, as soon as the Call of Duty Season 7 update releases, the players using Poltergeist will have a reason to sweat.

Let’s say a player is using Poltergeist class to surprise attack an enemy; however, as soon as he gets too close, the other player, who is using the Smoke Bomber, will receive a proximity warning. Now, the Smoke Bomber has to throw the smoke grenade in the direction from where he is hearing the gunshots. If everything goes right, the Poltergeist will get surrounded by the smoke, and the Smoke Bomber will be able to see him in the smoke.

Trickster vs Smoke Bomber

Like Poltergeist, the Trickster BR class can also be used to confuse enemies. Players using this class can create holographic decoys to give a hard time to their enemies. By the time the enemies realize which one is the real player, they’ll be gunned down.

However, in this scenario, if an enemy is using Smoke Bomber, he can throw the smoke grenade to cover both decoys and the real enemy in smoke. The Smoke Bomber will still have to distinguish between decoys and the real player in the smoke. But the thing is, only the real player will get slowed down due to the smoke, thus making it easier for the Smoke Bomber to detect him.

Smoke Bomber Is Incredibly Overpowering, Which Isn’t Exactly Fair

If you’ve read everything I’ve mentioned above, you must have realized that the upcoming Smoke Bomber class is way too powerful. Its overpowering skills could give the player using this class an unfair advantage and help easily destroy other players. So, players who’ll get killed in the smoke will be left frustrated.

The scariest part of the Smoke Bomber class is that the player using this class can win in the final circle without a fight. So, a number of good players will be at a considerable disadvantage if they are confronted with this BR class. There’s absolutely no way a player can win the battle once he gets trapped in the smoke.

Nevertheless, the Smoke Bomber BR class is still in the test servers of Call of Duty Mobile. So, let’s hope that before releasing the Battle Royale class for COD Mobile live servers, the developers will make some changes to make the BR class less overwhelming. 

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