Twitter Publicly Shames Russian Troll Accounts: Publishes 10 Million Tweets


Since the 2016 US election meddling went under the nose of Twitter, the company has become very diligent towards catching any troll accounts. Now, the company is publicizing troll tweets in order for people to understand the situation in a better way.

The social media website has published datasets comprising 10 million tweets which includes text, images, GIF, videos from Russia and Iran affiliated accounts.

The data set is made up of 3,841 accounts from the Russia-based Internet Research Agency, 770 accounts potentially from Iran. It also includes 2 million GIFs, videos and recorded Periscope live streams. Some data even dates back to 2009.

Twitter explains the reason behind making the tweets public, “We are making this data available with the goal of encouraging open research and investigation of these behaviors from researchers and academics around the world,” it said.

This is a part of Twitter’s big initiative of making such activities public in order for the world to identify the trolls. In a blog post in 2016, Twitter announced that it was opening up their research to the public (researchers, academics and journalists) who can help Twitter to analyze tweets.

Making hostile tweets public seems like an efficient approach towards curbing troll accounts. It is evident that Twitter’s entire team cannot possibly curate all the accounts and tweets, considering, many tweets get left out when users do not report them.

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Charanjeet Singh

Charanjeet Singh

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