Twitter Notes Will Let You Write Long-Form Content On Twitter

No more long threads on twitter!

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Gone of the days when you were limited to 280 characters in a Twitter post. The last change Twitter made regarding post length was changing it from 140 to 280 characters in 2017. Twitter is now all set to launch a new long-form blogging feature called Twitter Notes.

According to a report from Tech crunch will be able to use the feature in the upcoming weeks. You might have seen leaks and rumors of the feature circulating online. Another report from the verge says they saw screenshots of a similar feature back in May.

According to the report, It was either named ‘Twitter Notes’ or ‘Twitter Articles’. But it’s only now that it is clear that Twitter would support the publishing of long-form content.

What is ‘Twitter Notes’ about?

Twitter Notes Will Let You Write Long-Form Content On Twitter
Image Credit: Unsplash

According to TechCrunch, The feature is currently being referred to as Notes and is being given a prominent location in Twitter app beta versions. Although the functionality is set to launch in the upcoming weeks, more testing may cause a delay.

According to the report, Twitter notes will let you create articles using rich formatting and upload media. It can then be shared with followers upon publishing just like a normal tweet. The addition of long-form writing to Twitter will drastically change its character.

Twitter has long been a short-form writing platform with only up to 140 characters till 2017. Although users can now write up to 280 characters in a single post; they still have to create another post in the thread if they want to exceed the character limit.

By incorporating long-form writing into the platform, Twitter Notes will change how people use social media to share their thoughts and ideas. Users face difficulty while telling a story or explaining any subject, as it stretches beyond twitter’s character limit. It’s quite a hassle to create numbered Twitter threads to connect a series of tweets together.

To avoid this, users have gone as far as to write a message in their Notes app and post a screenshot on Twitter. Although it’s a way around it doesn’t benefit Twitter as the text in the screenshot is not discoverable and the hashtags can’t be clicked on.

We’re hoping that Twitter Notes bring an end to this and lets users write long-form articles directly on Twitter. The introduction of Twitter Notes may bring some competition to other long-form blogging platforms, like WordPress or Medium. Are you excited about Twitter’s long-form content feature? Comment below.

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