Top Programming Languages on GitHub, JavaScript Tops the List


Hello Everyone, Yesterday I wrote about the what code should you learn in 2015?. Today I’m covering the trends of the top programming languages on GitHub which has 2.2 million active repositories and 3.4 million users.

GitHub is one of the favorite websites of programmers, developers and geeks, and they are constantly raving about it. It is a version control system where developers create a new project and make constant changes to the codes and release new versions before releasing the first beta version. Another important and recurring term is “repository.” A repository, abbreviated as “repo”, is a storage location where a particular project files are stored and can be accessed by a unique URL.

I stumbled upon a cool visualization and it shows that JavaScript tops the repository roost by a fairly big margin on GitHub. I found this visualization on GitHut which describes itself as an attempt to visualize and explore the complex world of programming languages and repositories on GitHub.

Here are the top programming languages on GitHub

Language Active Repositories
JavaScript 323,938
Java 222,852
Python 164,852
CSS 164,585
PHP 138,771
Ruby 132,848
C++ 86,505
C 73,075
Shell 65,670
C# 56,062

Take a look at the complete visualization below


Image: GitHut (Click to view the enlarged image)

Here, JavaScript is at the top with 323,938 active repositories.

This data supports the popularity of Java which is at the top position on PYPL popularity index, and on second position RedMonk index and TIOBE index.

Also, JavaScript was named the language of the year for year 2014 for its growth by the TIOBE index. Visit GitHut to see more visualizations of individual languages.

Are you a GitHub user? Which languages do you use for coding? Tell us in comments below!

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Adarsh Verma

Adarsh Verma

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