Top 20 Best Google Search Tips and Tricks That You Must Know


Web search has become synonymous with Google search. Other search engines like Bing and Yahoo are trying their best to give a worthy competition to Google, but none of those are a real threat to Google. Even companies like Facebook and Apple are devising their own ways to challenge Google. Facebook recently revealed its plans for an internal search engine and Apple is making its contextual search Spotlight more effective.

Well, now I’m going to refrain myself from telling you about what others are planning and doing. Instead, I’ll be telling you some useful and cool Google search tips and tricks that will make your life easier.

Let’s take a look at the Google search tips and tricks one by one:

Search exact phrases
Use quotes to search an exact phrase.

Search phrases with unknown words
Use an asterisk to indicate the unknown words. Ex: “* is bigger than Earth.”

Search for a particular meaning
Add a hyphen before a word to avoid a particular search term. This comes handy when you search something and it has several meanings. Ex. terminator –movie

Search inside a website
Use a colon after site: and write website’s name to search within the site Ex. drones. google


Search definitions and spellings
As the name suggests, define: operator gives you the dictionary definitions and synonyms. Ex: define:bytes

Search news archives as old as mid-1880s
Google News lets you search over 100 years’ of archived news.

Use as a calculator
Google lets you do simple math by simply searching the equation.

Recipe search
If you are willing to search your favorite food, click on “search tools” and you can filter the recipes based on ingredients, calories and cook time.

Intitle search
By adding “intitle:” before the search term, you will get the results that will produce with that particular term in the title of page.

Social tag search
Add symbol “@” before the search term. Ex: @fossbytes

Searching trending topics
Add a hashtag before the search term to get the results with trending topics

Food comparison search
Having trouble deciding your dinner order? Take Google’s help. Ex: Type “Pizza vs Burger” to get side-by-side comparisons.


Use Google Images
To search images, or more accurately ever come across a picture that reminds you of some picture and you want to know the source? Try and you’ll find the similar images on the web.

Flip a coin
This is one of my favorite Google search tips. Just press the mic icon in Google’s search bar and say these magical words: “flip a coin” or “heads or tails.”

Weather Search
To take a look at the weather predictions of your city, just add “weather” before the city’s name or zipcode. Ex: “weather New Jersey”


Translate with Google
Type “translate language1 to language2” to get the Google translator working instantly for you. Ex: “translate English to French hello”

Check the time
Just enter “time” followed by the name of the region to get the accurate regional time.

Check flight status
Want to check if your flight is right on time? Just enter your flight number in search bar and hit enter to the real-time flight status.

The love quote generator
Want a quick love quote and a little romance? Just press the mic icon located on Google search bar and say “give me a love quote” or “I love you.”

IP address search
Just enter “IP address” in the search bar and look up your IP address instantly.

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