Top 10 Worst Passwords Of 2016 You Should Never Keep, Else You’re A Dumbo

Worst Passwords 2016
Image: Keeper Security

Short Bytes: The year 2016 was rough regarding data security and the thing that enhances the frustration of the advocates of cyber security is the pathetic choice of passwords people have on the internet. Keeper Security has released the list of the most popular (worst) passwords used in 2016. It is highly recommended to set a password that is strong and can’t be guessed easily.

A password is used to protect people’s devices and online accounts from unauthorized access. But some people just don’t get it and make sure that their password is the dumbest of all. Seriously, it’s 2017 now. Your internet life is as important as your real one unless you’re some wannabe cave dweller hiding somewhere in the forests of Amazon.

Keeper Security has released the list of the most common passwords for 2016, but I would like to call them the ‘worst passwords’ and people should avoid using passwords which are guessable.

The award for the most popular password for 2016 goes to 123456.

Last year was full of different data breaches. Yahoo Inc. (Altaba Inc. in the future) announced their huge data leak involving 1 billion accounts. The research team at Keeper Security was able to harvest and analyze 10 million publicly available passwords that resulted from various data breaches last year.

Top 10 Worst Passwords You Should Never Keep

Rank String
1. 123456
2. 123456789
3. qwerty
4. 12345678
5. 111111
6. 1234567890
7. 1234567
8. password
9. 123123
10. 987654321

The actual list includes 25 passwords which account for around 50% of the 10 million passwords. Most of these passwords are predictable as hell, even if they’re long. An interesting thing is the password 18atcskd2w0, which is assumed to be used by internet bots which create online accounts and spread spam messages.

It has been advised to keep a secure password with alphabets, numbers, and special characters. Cracking a simple password is a child’s play for password cracking software which use brute-force technique to guess it. And the people who think, Why would anyone hack me?”, won’t even get a chance to regret after their details get compromised.

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