These Are The Most Popular Websites In 11 Biggest Countries


popular websites mostShort Bytes: BI has spotted a very attractive graph in Goldman Sachs’ yearly compilation. This graph tells us the most popular websites in 11 biggest countries. Read the article to know about some interesting trends and find out the most popular website in your country.

The annual compilation of Goldman Sachs’ yearly 100 best charts is an ultimate resource for the knowledge thirsty people who love to observe trends and make predictions for the next year.

Out of this goldmine, you can also spot a chart that highlights the most popular websites in 11 big nations from around the world. If you start looking for an overall winner, Google tops the list in 7 out of 11 nations. No surprises here!

In this chart, BI notices an interesting trend. As we start moving from west to east, the regional websites get stronger. In South Korea we have a new winner in the form of, while and Baidu top the Russian and Chinese charts, respectively.

Notably, Yahoo is way too popular in Japan and it has topped the charts. Another interesting fact tells that in the top 15 lists’ in US and China, no website is common. This means, the domestic websites are dominant in these countries.

Here’s the list of most popular websites in some countries:

15 Most Popular Websites In US:

  1. Google
  2. Facebook
  3. Amazon
  4. YouTube
  5. Yahoo
  6. Ebay
  7. Wikipedia
  8. Twitter
  9. Reddit
  11. Live
  12. Craiglist
  13. Pinterest
  14. Netflix
  15. Bing

15 Most Popular Websites In UK:

  3. Facebook
  4. YouTube
  9. Live
  10. Wikipedia
  11. Twitter
  12. Theladbible
  13. Bing
  14. LinkedIn
  15. Dailymail

15 Most Popular Websites In India:

  3. Facebook
  4. YouTube
  5. Amazon
  6. Yahoo
  7. Flipkart
  8. Wikipedia
  9. Indiatimes
  10. LinkedIn
  11. Twitter
  12. Blogspot
  13. Snapdeal
  14. Stackoverflow

Take a look at the complete graph below:15 top websites india US UK

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What website do you visit most often? Tell us in the comments below.

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