1 Million People Are Now Paying For Snapchat+

1 million customers in just six weeks!

1 Million People Are Now Paying For Snapchat
Image: Snapchat

Snap announced a new summer drop for Snapchat+ subscribers. The camera company launched Snapchat+ six weeks ago. At that time, many felt that paying for features on the Snap app was expecting too much from the customers. But Snapchat has proved everyone wrong. In a new blog post, the company team shared that Snapchat+ now has a 1 million customer base.

Yes! People are indeed paying to get access to exclusive Snapchat features and distinguish themselves on the platform. Snapchat had 347 million daily active users worldwide in the month of June 2022, which displays the popularity of the app globally.

New Features Of Snapchat+

Snap also announced a new summer drop for Snapchat+ users. Now, paying members can send priority replies to their favorite Snap Stars. It would appear above the replies of users who haven’t subscribed to the paid tier of the app. Snapchat isn’t the only one that thought of this feature.

Twitter is trying something similar for Twitter Spaces. It appears every social platform wants to entice creators and build a revenue stream by adding a paid tier. The rest of the new features in the Snapchat+ updates are purely visual.

Post View Emoji is a feature that lets you add an emoji that all your friends will see after they check out your story. Bitmoji will also get a revamp with new Bitmoji backgrounds. As per the official blog post, special backgrounds like gleaming gold and beach paradise will be available in the settings. This way, you can add cool backgrounds to Bitmojis rather than bleak solid colors.

Image: Snap

Premium users will also get the option to change the home screen icon of the app. This way, you can pick from multiple icons and spruce up your home screen. Snapchat+ is now available in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, France, Germany, and 20 other countries.

You will have to shell out $3.99/month to access these lucrative features. However, the paid tier of the app doesn’t remove ads. Yes! Ads will remain even if you pay $3.99/month. The company doesn’t have any plans to remove ads from the picture anytime soon. Apple ATT measures have hurt Snapchat, and the premium tier will boost the revenue to some extent.

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