Single? This Company Want To Sell You An Internet-connected Holographic Girlfriend


Short Bytes: Gatebox is a bizarre voice assistant tech made by a Japanese company. It features a holographic anime-like character present in a glass cylinder. She is able to talk to its master and do other stuff like controlling lights, texting, etc.

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Single people working in metropolitan cities is not an uncommon thing. A Japanese company cares for such people and it has created Azuma Hikari, a holographic virtual assistant which can comfort the people living alone.

The company has made more than what one could expect from a voice assistant, a holographic internet-connected anime girlfriend in this case. Azuma is there for you from brushing teeth with you in the morning till you go to your bed in the night, alone. She can text you while you’re at work asking you to come home early so that she can watch TV with you.

So, you can literally live with the virtual assistant if you don’t have a girlfriend. It sounds good but it’s terrifying at the same time.

The actual name of the voice-activated speaker that looks like a coffee machine is Gatebox, a limited edition product by Vinclu Inc. Azuma can control lights in the home, and she is able to detect human presence using a bunch of sensors present in Gatebox.

Using a camera and mic, she can recognize the face and movements of her master, and hear what he is trying to say. The digital assistant is able to converse in almost human-like tone.

Gatebox has other sensors including touch buttons, motion sensor, warmth and moisture sensor, and luminance sensor. For connectivity, it has WiFi, Bluetooth, Ethernet, and infrared. You can also watch your anime girlfriend on a monitor using the HDMI port present on Gatebox.

The character Azuma Hikari is one of the first characters to appear on Gatebox. She has her own personality. It might be possible the company may come up with more characters in the future.

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