RIP: Remix OS Is Discontinued

remix os rip

Short Bytes: Remix OS, the Android operating system for the desktop, has decided to discontinue all its current offerings to the consumers. Jide, the makers of Remix OS, have said that they’re planning to explore possibilities in the enterprises. They’ve also promised to issue the refund to all the Kickstarter backers.

Over the course of past few years, we have written many times about  Remix OS, which has been marketed as the Android operating system for the desktop computers. This fresh looking operating system garnered a great deal of excitement among the Android enthusiasts. However, as it turns out, Jide, the developer of Remix OS, has decided to pull on Remix OS.

In an announcement made on Facebook, Remix OS developers said that they’ve decided to focus their company’s efforts solely on the enterprise. Laying out the reasons, they said that over the past year they received tons of inquiries from the enterprises, making them realize the role they can play to revolutionize the operation of the businesses.

As a result, the development of all existing products have been discontinued, including the Remix OS for PC and other under-development projects like Remix IO and IO+.

If you’re already backed these products via Kickstarter, a full refund will be issued. Also, if purchases have been made via Jide’s online store and they remain unfulfilled, they’ll also be refunded. This process of refund issuing will start from August 15th and it’ll take about 10 days to reach the backers.

Jide has also thanked the community for building Remix OS. “We very much believe that the future of computing is with Android and we’re excited for the role Jide will play in the future of this amazing ecosystem,” the company added.

What are your reactions to this shocking development? Don’t forget to share your experiences with us.

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