13 New Christmas Movies To Watch This Holiday Season

Are you hearing some Christmas carols?

13 New Christmas Movies To Watch This Holiday Season
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Many traditions come to mind as we approach the holiday season. Making the best ugly Christmas sweaters might be the answer for some. Finding the ideal Christmas tree decorations may be the solution for some people. However, we believe that most people would concur that watching Christmas movies nonstop is a tradition that unites all cultures.

The canon of Christmas movies continues to grow with new releases each year. As fans of the genre may already be aware, Lifetime and Hallmark both have an endless list of movies to choose from. Netflix‘s Falling For Christmas, starring Lindsay Lohan, and HBO Max’s Holiday Harmony are just two examples of streaming services that appear to be challenging established channels this year. Christmas Story Christmas, which is currently available, is one of the classic films getting sequels.

Even if you already have a list of Christmas movies planned, you should still take a look at the top 13 new Christmas films of 2022 in case any of them catch your attention. They will not only make you feel better inside, but they will also help you celebrate the holidays as your old favorites did.

13 new Christmas movies to watch this holiday season

1. Falling for Christmas (Netflix)

Really, all you need to know about Netflix’s Falling for Christmas is that Lindsay Lohan stars in it. If that’s not enticing enough, she plays a spoiled heiress to her father’s Aspen resort company, gets amnesia, and falls in love with a local lodge keeper (Chord Overstreet). It’s a perfect illustration of why you shouldn’t watch a holiday movie for the plot per se but rather for the spectacle (or lack thereof) of it all. It is exactly what you would anticipate it to be, which is a predictably good time with corniness.

2. A Christmas Story Christmas (HBO Max)

Whether we want them or not, Christmas movie sequels and remakes are big business. In this follow-up movie from the 1970s, Ralphie (Peter Billingsley) has grown up, reconnected with old friends, and is now responsible for providing his own family with the same kind of magical Christmas that his father gave him. Although this new approach has received mixed reviews, it knows how to tap into the nostalgia you’re after.

3. Spirited (Apple TV+)

The story of A Christmas Carol is being retold. Only this time, a particularly unusual Scrooge is forcing the Ghost of Christmas Present to reflect on his life. With Will Ferrell portraying the spectral representation of Christmas, and Ryan Reynolds donning the role of the miserly human who is supposed to be the one changing. Spirited is, without a doubt, the most well-known cast of the holiday films this year. Did we mention that it’s a musical?

4. The Noel Diary (Netflix)

The Noel Diary stars Justin Hartley(This Is Us) as a novelist who must return home to handle his mother’s estate business. A young woman searching for her birth mother is also there, and he also finds an old diary that contains references to his past. Will they become partners in the future as the two search for long-buried secrets?

5. A Christmas Mystery (HBO Max)

An impressionable youngster in Pleasant Bay, Oregon, heard Santa’s Christmas bells a century ago, and that sight brought good fortune and plenty. The same Christmas bells are missing this time; however, just a few days before the holiday, when a new group of children notices them missing. Now it’s up to them to solve the mystery before December 25 arrives.

6. The Guardians of the Galaxy Holiday Special (Disney+)

Disney+ is attempting a holiday special set in the Guardians of the Galaxy universe, despite the notoriety of The Star Wars Holiday Special. Drax (Dave Bautista) and Mantis (Pom Klementieff) set out to find Star-Lord (Chris Pratt) an unforgettable Christmas present after he misses the holiday. Or maybe they’re going to kidnap Kevin Bacon. GOTG Holiday Special is set to premiere on November 25 on Disney+

7. Haul out the Holly (Hallmark)

Haul Out the Holly, one of Hallmark’s yearly “Countdown to Christmas” films, stars Lacey Chabert as a woman who returns home for the holidays, only her parents won’t be there for Christmas. Her parents’ HOA decides they want her to take part in the town’s seasonal festivities despite the fact that she is living alone at home, and they won’t take no for an answer. Haul out the Holly is set to debut on Hallmark on November 26.

8. A Hollywood Christmas(HBO Max)

The young director Jessica (Jessika Van) is known for her Christmas-themed films. Jessica’s assistant, however, comes to the realisation that her boss is essentially living out the premise of a Christmas rom-com when network executive Christopher (Josh Swickard) decides to halt the production of her latest movie. She still has her project to finish in between watching all the classic nuanced films. But will she find love? Well, we’ll have to wait until December 1 to find out.

9. Hotel for the Holidays (Freevee)

Ah, the old hotel story over Christmas. This time, Madelaine Petsch from Riverdale finds herself in a love triangle with the charming hotel chef and a guest who just happens to be royalty while working as a manager at a posh hotel during winterfest. Pick the prince, young lady! You don’t want a guy who constantly smells like cheese. This one is truly a gift because it is available on Freevee, Amazon’s free streaming platform, on December 2.

10. It’s a Wonderful Binge (Hulu)

Are you sick of the fake Christmas cheer and trying to find something to put on Santa’s naughty list? Check out this Hulu original movie set to release on December 9. It is a continuation of the raunch-com The Binge. It’s a Wonderful Binge makes drugs and alcohol legal for one day every year, which happens to be Christmas this year. However, this time around, there is no murder.

11. Something From Tiffany’s (Amazon Prime Video)

In the romantic comedy Something From Tiffany’s (out on December 9), starring Zoey Deutch and Kendrick Sampson, a woman unexpectedly has her life turned upside down in the strangest of ways. How so? She manages to obtain an engagement ring she wasn’t supposed to have. But given that it introduces her to true love, the unexpected turn of events might have actually been a blessing in disguise.

12. Violent Night(Shudder, AMC+)

Violent Night is a not-very-good-but-pretty-fun movie about an animatronic Santa who abandons its prime directives and starts killing all people. If you can’t make it to the theatres to watch it but still want to see a Santa Claus go on a murderous rampage, stay at home and watch it. As opposed to the sappy movies about romance and discovering the true meaning of Christmas, this one is gory and grindhouse. Check out this gruesome movie set to premiere on December 9.

13. Snow Day(Paramount+)

Receiving another adaptation of a holiday classic is like receiving a pair of socks for Christmas; it’s not what you wanted, but you’ll accept it because it’s there. When school is canceled due to excessive frozen precipitation, the kids in this musical adaptation of the 2000 movie are once again living life to the fullest. Will something special happen? Wait until December 16 to find out.

So, which of the movies mentioned above are you the most excited about? Let us know in the comments down below.

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