Musk Conducts Poll After Suspending Mastodon, Journalists’ Twitter Accounts

Endure Elon's wrath!

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Mastodon showed support for ElonJet’s owner Jack Sweeney, and it also suffered the same fate. When Musk banned the ElonJet Twitter account, Mastodon tweeted from its official account suggesting ElonJet switch to Mastodon. Little did the emerging social platform know that Musk would immediately suspend its Twitter account too.

After that, countless other users tested that they couldn’t share Mastodon links on Twitter. We did a story on the reason behind Twitter completely blocking Mastodon’s links. But that’s not all to the story. Musk conducted a poll on Twitter and asked the timeframe in which he should unsuspend the accounts who shared his flight records on the platform.

What do the Musk’s Poll results say?

Musk asked his followers about unsuspending the accounts of users who doxxed his private information on Twitter. He further elaborated his opinion in a thread stating that if the same happened with an NYT journalist, the FBI would immediately come into action. What he meant by that is sharing the private location of any high-profile person could have grave ramifications. He went on about how leaking real-time locations & addresses of NYT reporters would force Biden to give a long speech about democracy.

Musk’s poll had four options related to time after which he should unsuspend the accounts in question. These options were: now, tomorrow, 7 days from now, and longer. Surprisingly, the poll got 43% votes in favor of the now option while 38.1% favored the longer option. The rest two options didn’t garner much interest. After some time, Musk tweeted, “Sorry, too many options. Will redo the poll.”

The poll showcases that many users want such types of accounts to be suspended forever. We can agree on the subject that personal information shouldn’t be leaked online. But the general consensus reveals that users want these accounts to get a second chance. If they fail to comply with the new Twitter rules again, then they may be forever kicked from the platform.

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This is an interesting take that Musk should consider while designing his new poll. However, some users also pointed out that Musk should stop oversharing on the platform. Then there is the Mastodon link ban issue which seems like a direct hit to Mastodon supporters.

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