Microsoft Store Is Getting “Install On My Devices” Remote Install Option For Windows 10 Apps


First spotted by Bleeping Computer last weekend, Microsoft is working on a feature that lets users remotely install Store apps on different devices. It’s currently being tested on the web version of the Store.

When you visit the page of an app installed on at least one of your devices, an option called “Install on my devices” appears. Upon clicking that, you can choose from the list of your other Windows 10 devices logged-in with the same account.

According to Bleeping Computer, it took around 15 minutes for the automatic installation to happen on the target device after clicking “Install Now” button. It seems quite slow in comparison to Google Play which has a similar feature to install apps on Android devices. But remember, it’s currently in development.

Also, in the case of Microsoft, the feature isn’t entirely new. It was launched for Windows Phone in the past.

Not many details about the remote installation feature are known. But it’ll be helpful for the people who have many Windows 10 devices. Or if it would work on web browsers on Android and iOS devices, one could install apps from anywhere on their Windows 10 PCs sitting idle at their home.

The feature is known to have been added on June 6, 2018, for testing. Given Microsoft’s continued efforts to improve the cross-device experience, we could expect the remote app installation to arrive for all Windows users soon.

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Aditya Tiwari

Aditya Tiwari

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