Ubuntu Linux Is Coming To Windows 10 — Microsoft Partners With Canonical


ubuntu coming to windows 10 ms linuxShort Bytes: Microsoft and Canonical, Ubuntu Linux’s parent company, are partnering to allow you to use Ubuntu on Windows 10. The official announcement is expected to be made at Microsoft’s BUILD 2016 developer conference later today. This partnership is expected to integrate Windows and Linux on the developer desktop.

Microsoft is kicking off its BUILD 2016 developer conference on March 30. This annual event is known to bring some exciting news for Microsoft fans each year. At this year’s event, Microsoft is expected to show off its newly-found Linux love in a big manner.

According to a new report from ZDNet, Microsoft is likely to announce a partnership between Canonical and Microsoft that would aim to bring Ubuntu on Windows 10.

This functionality won’t be limited to running Bash shell on Windows 10. With this development, users will be able to run Ubuntu simultaneously with Windows operating system. This will be making Ubuntu an integrated part of Windows 10, not just some virtual machine.

At the moment, details are not revealed regarding this arrangement. It’s expected that Ubuntu will run on top of a foundation of native Windows libraries. It should be noted that Microsoft quietly introduced Linux subsystem in a new Windows 10 Redstone build.

This combination of Windows 10 and Ubuntu will be aimed at developers. Linux fans shouldn’t expect Ubuntu to come along with its Unity interface. Instead, it’ll rely on Bash and CLI tools like make, gawk, and grep. Having said that, Microsoft’s target audience are developers, not desktop users.

Since last summer, Microsoft and Canonical have been working together on many projects, including the work to bring containers to Windows 10 using LXD. They have also partnered to help developers write programs for Ubuntu on the Azure cloud.

In a nutshell, here’s what this partnership means according to ZDNet — “So is this MS-Linux? No. Is it a major step forward in the integration of Windows and Linux on the developer desktop? Yes, yes it is.”

Stay tuned for more updates from Microsoft’s Build 2016 Developer Conference from fossBytes.

Here’s more on Microsoft’s newly-found Linux love:

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