Manjaro ARM Linux Distro Is Shutting Down, Lack Of Contributors Is The Reason


Short Bytes: Manjaro-ARM, the Arch Linux-based distribution for embedded devices, is shutting down. The Manjaro-arm team announced the closure of the open source project. They’ve already stopped the development, bugfixes and any new releases for the distro. The bug tracker and wiki page would shut down on April 1, followed by the closure of the official website and forum on June 1.

Open source projects are mostly contributor-driven. The lack of supporting people has led to the discontinuation (almost) of popular open source software like Open Office. According to an announcement made on Saturday, Manjaro ARM is also facing a similar dilemma, the unavailability of enough contributors has compelled the development team to shut down the project.

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Manjaro ARM is an Arch Linux-based distribution for ARM-powered embedded devices and single-board computers like Raspberry Pi. The Manjaro-arm team has already halted further development, package building and the plans to push any new releases. The shutdown schedule includes the closure of the wiki page, bug tracker, and package adding to the software repo which will close on May 1.

Manjaro ARM’s forum and official website will continue to run for about a month and go offline on June 1, 2017. The shutdown of the relay chat is yet to be disclosed. The team would assist anyone wanting to talk the Manjaro ARM project forward.

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Aditya Tiwari

Aditya Tiwari

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