Elon Musk Confirms “Mad Max Mode” Is Real In Tesla’s Autopilot Development Build


In a Twitter conversation today, Elon Musk showed a glimpse of ‘Mad Max’ mode in a development build of Autopilot and is currently being tested by Tesla.

In future, autonomous driving systems could encounter tough situations in heavy traffic where different drivers use different methods for changing lanes.

While some need several car lengths to make a move, others do it with a vehicle still in their blind spot.

Sometimes it’s necessary to change lane, therefore, handling different levels of aggressivity will be a crucial part of driving for self-driven cars.

This is why Tesla is working on several levels of blind spot threshold aggressiveness which also includes a “Mad Max” level.

It was confirmed when a Twitter user tagged Musk in a sketch of a Tesla Semi in a scene from Mad Max movie; Tesla CEO retweeted the same:

He also confirmed that it is real by sharing this image:

This image shows the center display of a Tesla vehicle with Autopilot running on a Development Mode.

Tesla uses this mode to test different features and modes of Autopilot, but it’s not available for Tesla owners.

We can see the Feature Settings in the images shows a ‘Blind Spot Threshold’ option with ‘Mad Max’ level in it.

On being asked which of these options will be made available to users, Musk said Tesla will most probably add a ‘manual override’ for more aggressive driving since self-driving cars will ‘always yield.’

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