Lenovo Opens Unmanned Store In China To Improve AI & Facial Recognition


Catering to the quite popular concept of Artificial Intelligence, Lenovo has now opened up the Lenovo Lecoo Store in China. It’s a new AI-run convenience store launched last week at the company’s new Beijing campus.

To recall, Alibaba, Amazon, and Walmart already own such automated convenience stores which do not use manpower; meanwhile, Microsoft is also planning the same.

Cashier Less Shopping Store

Shopping at the new store is quite easy; the customers are simply required to go through the entry door equipped with the cameras for facial recognition and choose the desired products from the tablets available acting as the staff of the store.

Following this, he or she can head out of the store, and the payment will be automatically debited through mobile paymentThe tablets installed at the entry of the door are specialized tablets that will learn “how to implement and optimize facial recognition for all of Lenovo’s devices” by matching customers with their profiles.

The store will be used to train the company’s facial recognition technology, e-payment, artificial intelligence, Internet of Things and augmented reality technology.

Lenovo also has plans of making further improvements to the AI-based convenience store in future to improve shopping ways, add offline and online delivery options, AI-based coffee machine, and much more.

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Vanshika Malhotra

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