John McAfee Teases Photo Of His “World’s First Truly Private Smartphone”


Short Bytes: The CEO of MGT Captial Investments John Mcafee has posted the first prototype image of the secure smartphone. Known as the John McAfee Privacy phone, the device would run on the Android operating system and its expected to arrive in the market sometime in 2017.

John McAfee might have shifted his business to capital investments after his antivirus company was acquired by Intel. He even had to go to court as he lost rights to use the McAfee brand name. The entrepreneur still has some obsession left for security.

McAfee, who is now the CEO of MGT Capital Investments, has uploaded the first prototype image of the “John McAfee Privacy Phone” on twitter which he calls the “world’s first truly private smartphone.”

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The device is being developed MGT itself which also focuses on cyber security. Last, year a Hacker Advisory Group was formed inside the company to work on security related technologies.

It’s not the first time, someone has boasted about creating a smartphone that could hinder various surveillance activities. Not many details about the privacy phone have been mentioned in the tweet.

According to an earlier MGT blog post, the first lot of production would include 160,000 units priced somewhere around $350 depending on the specifications. The device would be running a modified Android operating system.

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Aditya Tiwari

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