James Gunn Launches A New Social Media Profile With DC’s Lobo Image

Does this mean we are getting a Lobo movie?

James Gunn Launches A New Social Media Profile With DC's Lobo Image
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The future of the DC Universe was altered recently with the announcement that Walter Hamada was leaving DC Films. In its place, Warner Bros. established DC Studios and hired The Suicide Squad director James Gunn and Shazam! producer Zachary Levi. And producer Peter Safran will co-run the newly formed studio. They are now in charge of shaping the DC Universe’s future, making every post Gunn makes on social media all the more important for fans eager to see what happens next for DC.

James Gunn launches a new social media profile

Now that Elon Musk owns Twitter, many people are looking for alternative forms of social media to use just in case. This includes DC Studios head James Gunn creating a new social media profile on Mastadon and sharing an image of Lobo with the caption, “Glad to be here.” The post immediately sparked speculation that Lobo is part of his plans for the DCU’s future. He has not confirmed or denied that Lobo will appear in a future project. But the caption teases the possibility of the DC anti-hero appearing.

If James Gunn‘s hint that Lobo will appear in the DC Universe is accurate, this might help bring back a long-forgotten film project from the previous DC Films administrations. Since 2009, there have been attempts to produce a Lobo film. Guy Ritchie and Brad Peyton had planned to helm it. And Dwayne Johnson had even been in discussions to star before Black Adam.

In 2016, the project’s development was restarted, and Michael Bay was subsequently recruited to helm it in 2018. After this, Lobo never advanced. But James Gunn could wish to reverse that now that it has been so long. Meanwhile, Guardians of the Galaxy star Even Dave Bautista has expressed his interest in playing Lobo.

What are your thoughts on this? Do you think Lobo will appear in the DC Universe? Let us know in the comments down below.

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