“Incubator” On GitHub — Facebook’s Open Source Gift To Programmers

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facebook incubator

facebook incubatorShort Bytes: Introducing a new way of thinking (that should be adopted by other tech giants) while working with open source projects, Facebook has launched Incubator on GitHub. The social network aims to release its internal open source projects via this central channel and observe their adoption in the open source community. If a project does well and gains popularity, it’ll graduate to its own repo.

GitHub is the most popular web-based GIT repository hosting service. It lets the developers host their code and collaborate on open source projects. But, a big company’s big bucket of new and unstructured code could easily seem invisible (and get lost) to a novice developer.

To solve this problem, the social media giant Facebook has decided to give a bit of structure to its open source code with its new Incubator hub on GitHub.

It’s basically a new process of releasing new open source projects to the developer community. By using Incubator as a proving ground, Facebook aims to make sure that these projects are adopted well.

Last week, Facebook launched a new project named Create React App to help React developers get started with new projects easily. Creat React App was the first project to be inducted into the Facebook Inductor on GitHub.

With this gateway, Facebook plans to push more open source projects and see how developers react to them. These projects will be the ones that are used by the social network internally to improve its services.

If a project manages to gain enough traction from the open source community, it will graduate into its own standalone repository.

Notably, Facebook Incubator is just for Facebook’s own projects. But, everyone can take the advantage of open projects being pushed here. It will not only provide repos, but also a new way of thinking while working with open source projects.

So, what do you think about the new Facebook Incubator on GitHub? Share your views in the comments section below.

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Adarsh Verma

Adarsh Verma

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