IBM’s First Commercial “Universal Quantum Computer” Can Be The New Future Of AI


Short Bytes: IBM is investing in their efforts to develop more powerful quantum computers and making their reach widespread. IBM Q is an initiative to provide quantum computing services for commercial users over the cloud. As a part of this initiative, IBM is working on a 50 qubits quantum computer for use in various fields including artificial intelligence, cloud security, etc.

IBM has announced a new initiative IBM Q to provide quantum computing services for commercial and scientific purposes. The company aims to build a 50 qubit (quantum bit) universal quantum computer as a part of the initiative. Commercial users would be able to access the quantum computing power using the IBM Cloud platform.

IBM already has Watson, a supercomputer designed to handle complex tasks. It might be faster, but it uses conventional processors. Such machines can quickly decipher a pattern from a huge chunk of data. When quantum computers come into the picture, they can do things beyond the capabilities of modern day machines, for the data that’s too complex or doesn’t even exist.

Companies like D-Wave have also given access to their quantum computing systems. But the ‘universal’ tag attached to IBM Q expands the variety of computations it can perform in comparison to D-waves more powerful systems.

Quantum computers are gaining popularity, and their development is going on at a tremendous rate. When such computers would land in people’s home would a guess that’s hard to make. For now, IBM foresees the applications of quantum computing in the fields of drug and medical discovery, supply chain & logistics, financial services, artificial intelligence, and cloud security.

IBM already has a 5-qubit computer which they’re offering for free over the cloud since May under the Quantum Experience program. Along with IBM Q, a new API has been announced for Quantum Experience and a simulator which can be used to model up to 20 qubit circuits.

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Aditya Tiwari

Aditya Tiwari

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