Google Fired Employees For Data Misuse, According To Leaked Document

The giant fired 26 people from 2018 to 2019 over misuse of sensitive information.


Tech giants firing employees over data misuse certainly isn’t anything new. A recent report says that one of the biggest tech companies, Google fired dozens of employees from 2018 to 2020 because they “abused” access to its data or tools.

The data was of Google users or other employees according to an internal document acquired by Motherboard. It has exact figures and data on how the company’s employees often try to leak, steal, or abuse data. Google is definitely not the only company where data abuse is prevalent. Facebook and Snapchat employees have also been accused of spying on the user base.

As reported by Vice, the document highlights that the giant fired 36 employees in 2020 for security-related issues. 86% of security-related allegations included the mishandling of confidential information. In contrast, 10% were accused of accessing user data, modifying or deleting user or employee data, and violating the giant’s policies.

Similarly, in 2019 and 2018, the giant terminated 26 people. A Google spokesperson, in a statement, told Motherboard, “The instances referred to mostly relate to inappropriate access to, or misuse of, proprietary and sensitive corporate information or IP.”

Adding to this, he said, “Regarding user data, we tightly restrict employee access through a number of industry-leading safeguards, including limiting access to user data to necessary individuals, requiring a justification to access such data, multi-stage review before access is granted to sensitive data, and monitoring for access anomalies and violations.”

 “The number of violations, whether deliberate or inadvertent, is consistently low. Every employee gets training annually; we investigate all allegations and violations result in corrective action up to and including termination. We are transparent in publicizing the number and outcome of our investigations to our employees and have strict processes in place to secure customer and user data from any internal or external threats.”

To sum this article up, it is tough to guard your privacy in this growing age of the internet. Sure, Google did take measures by firing employees, but we’re still unaware of what Google does with the enormous user data it collects. CEO Sundar Pichai says, “we use the data to make your experience better,” but a large part of this remains a mystery.

Abubakar Mohammed

Abubakar Mohammed

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