Google Bulletin Transforms Anyone Into A News Reporter

If you ever had dreamed of becoming a journalist but couldn’t do so, Google may have arrived with the right platform for you. The search giant is piloting a new platform called Bulletin that sails on the very idea of citizen journalism.

Bulletin is Google’s effort to amplify their news service, and scoop more data, by including hyperlocal content from neighborhoods and provide more relevant stories to their audience. So, naturally, their platform has to be people-powered, unless they are willing to hire numerous reporters.

A citizen journalist can use their smartphone to add images, videos, and text and share them instantly using the platform’s app. They can maintain something sort of a live blog where they can’t update information in real-time and also have access to analytics data to know the count and demographics of their readership.

These stories will be publically accessible on Google Search and shared on social media platforms and instant messaging apps via links.

However, one of the things that are of concern is how Google would ensure the authenticity of the content shared by those self-declared neighborhood reporters. Also, they aren’t the first to come up with a citizen reporter app, but the Google branding might make it easier for Bulletin to cover a large ambit and get a strong user base.

Google is currently having Bulletin’s trial run in Nashville, Tennessee, and Oakland, California. Interested users can fill their early access form to get enrolled.

What are your thoughts on Google Bulletin? Drop them in the comments.

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Aditya Tiwari

Aditya Tiwari

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