Google APK Teardown: New Assistant ‘Hotword’, Podcast Manager, Better Order Tracking, Etc.

Hey Google CES
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In the coming future, Google might add another Assistant ‘hotword’ that would remain alongside the existing “Ok, Google” and the recently introduced “Hey Google.”

XDA spotted the hint towards the possible addition in the APK teardown of Google app v7.20 which is being rolled out to beta users. However, it’s only a speculation, and it’s unclear if Google would add one.

Among various findings, the app’s code provides information about the arrival of a podcast manager, maybe in the Google app, which could be used download and manage subscriptions linked to a user’s account.

Google already provides package tracking updates via their app. As per the teardown, the cards for packages would include more information such as the item’s shipping date, the expected delivery date, and whether the order has been canceled or modified.

The teardown also includes clues about the updates linked to the newly launched Google Assistant-powered Smart Displays (codenamed Jasper). Google could integrate their video calling service Duo into the Smart Displays, allowing users to sign-in and make video calls. The software which will power the smart displays, known as Quartz, could also see some developments in the form of notifications, alert badges, reminders, and playback controls.

As it’s the case with APK teardowns, these possibilities are derived from beta versions of the Google app, and they may or may not end up in stable releases.

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Aditya Tiwari

Aditya Tiwari

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