Even Facebook Thinks Its Security Settings Are Confusing As Hell, Rolls Out New Design Update

Facebook Security
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You might have started to see some visual changes in the Facebook’s Security settings. That’s because the search giant has realized it’s very hard for the users to find options as simple as two-factor authentication, or what they as ‘Login Approvals’ earlier, to make it all the more confusing.

In fact, deleting a Facebook account is so hard that there is a separate post just for deleting your Facebook account. You can also delete your account after you die.

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According to the new update, Facebook has shifted the Change Password option from ‘General’ to the ‘Security and Login’ section on the Settings page.

The ‘Two-Factor Authentication’ option, along with ‘Trusted Contacts’, is now visible in the ‘Security and Login’ section as a separate box placed on the top termed as “Recommended”. The ‘Recommendation’ box is customized according to the user, so, people might also see some other options.

In order to implement these design changes, Facebook conducted a research on how people use Facebook’s security settings. And after more than 12 years of existence, they have finally realized that “the most important security tools should be easily identified” and “security settings should be easy to understand.”

Facebook also realized some of the options didn’t have an appropriate amount of description, thus, hindering people from using them more frequently. This motivated them to make changes to the “Where you logged in” feature which is now simpler and shows information more clearly than before.

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