Engineer Crafts Special PCB To Use Both Headphone Jack And Lightning Port On iPhone 7


The iPhone 7 features the same old design with several upgrades present underneath but it has a problem that lots of consumers share their frustration with; the lack of a headphone jack. A 30-minute vlog explains how an engineer persisted to overcome this problem and decided to make his own special custom PCB for the iPhone 7. With this PCB, you will clearly be able to see that the phone now features both a headphone jack and a Lightning port

Scotty from Strange Parts is back with another video, and while this may seem easy, it was far more complex than you could imagine. Lots of consumers might enjoy using the iPhone 7, but we all know that removing the headphone jack has been a very silly thing to do from Apple’s part since it forces consumers to spend more on accessories.

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He devises a plan on how to make the headphone jack return to the iPhone 7, but it requires more brain power and a lot of persistence on his part. Keep in mind that there is practically no breathing room inside the iPhone 7, and the majority of this space has been taken by the Taptic Engine and the logic board, so he decides to design his custom PCB to get the job done.

While he is living in China for a 12-week stay, it is important to know that you can get just about anything in this region, if you know where to look and with Scotty having been here before, it was easy to search for the right people and those who possessed the right machines.

The custom PCB Scotty designed was far too large to fit in an iPhone 7, so he managed to reduce it down to size using software. This way he made the finalized circuit board small and thin enough to fit underneath the actual logic board of the phone.

Scotty also states that the entire project was not only time-consuming but extremely expensive, with hundreds of dollars used up on broken parts. In the end, he managed to fit the custom PCB inside the iPhone 7 but with major drawbacks; he ended up breaking two displays.

Thanks to his persistence, you can see at the end of the video that he finally manages to get in a headphone jack and Lightning port to work together on the phone. Scotty also reaches out to Apple that if they need someone to fit a headphone jack in the upcoming iPhone 8, he is the right guy for the job.

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