Droplet Computing Claims It Can Run Any App On Any Device


As we are moving forward into the future of technology, a lot of emphases is given to cross-platform compatibility. Becuase users nowadays aren’t just confined to one device or a single operating system. They have always wanted solutions to run their apps on different devices.

Apart from the solutions like Wine and CrossOver we already know, a new alternative called Droplet Universal has popped up that can theoretically run any app on any device, regardless of its operating system and hardware.

Droplet Universal is an app container solution developed by Droplet Computing. It removes platform dependency for an app by compiling it in WebAssembly and putting it in a sandboxed container that runs in a web browser without any internet access. It’s different from other software that uses emulation, virtual machines, or stream apps from the cloud for cross-device compatibility.

The tech can run Windows app in Chrome and Chromebooks, but it’s not limited to Google Chrome as all the leading web browsers support WebAssembly. It is also known that Droplet depends on WINE just like CrossOver.

So, you can theoretically run full-blown desktop apps on a smartphone, legacy Windows apps on newer versions, and possibly Windows apps on macOS. It currently lacks support for running apps compiled for ARM processors on x86 devices. We have contacted Droplet to know what platforms they support. The story will be updated accordingly.

You might be wanting to get your hands on Droplet Universal. The company is currently focusing on enterprise customers. But it said that paid Droplet containers will be available for personal users on their website. You can join their pre-launch wait list here.

If all goes as planned, the Droplet technology might be able to free people from the digital walled gardens provided people eagerly adopt it. But there is a lot of development to be done before that day arrives. Moreover, such technologies can also help developers cut costs as they don’t need to invest their resources on different platforms.

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Aditya Tiwari

Aditya Tiwari

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