Citizen Obama Launches New Wesbite To Build “The Next Generation Of Citizens”

The Obama Foundation
Image: Obama Foundation

Short Bytes: The Obama Foundation has created a new website, which was inaugurated by Barack Obama and team after the former president retired from his job. The foundation is looking after the development of the Obama Presidential Center serving as a dedicated library and a center for the betterment of citizens.

The former President of the United States Barack Obama has started his new life as a common citizen of the America. Now, he can use any smartphone and hang out anywhere he wants.

After handing over the America’s command to Donald Trump on January 20, Obama launched a website before going for a break. It is created and maintained by the non-profit Obama Foundation.

The Obama Foundation came into existence in 2014, and it works for the improvement of various aspects of the life of the American citizens. It has also selected Jackson Park in Chicago’s South Side as the base for the Obama Presidential Center. The city of Chicago has been an important part of the former first couple’s life.

It’ll be a living, working center for citizenship.

According to Obama, the reach of the foundation won’t be confined to Chicago, or the United States, it will try to reach numerous corners of the globe.

The Obama Center is expected to be completed by the end of 2020 with an estimated construction cost of $500 million. It is intended as the official presidential library, but the center will serve as the facility for the foundation to churn out what they call “the next generation of citizens”.

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