Guy Created Arduino Powered Smart Socks To Help You Become A Pro Dancer

smart dancing socks
Image: Pascal Zeigler

Short Bytes: A pair of woolen socks fitted motors can teach you how to dance. It might sound impossible, but after seeing this pair of socks, you might consider using some technology during your choreography sessions. These socks are designed by Pascal Zeigler as a part of his Physical Computing course at Saarland University.

I can’t talk about my Xbox dance central scores right now, but this pair of smart socks can help me improve. A designer Pascal Ziegler has developed these pair of smart socks – featuring pressure sensors and vibration motors – for his physical computing course.

The socks are battery-driven and can run for several minutes. And all the thinking part is done by two Arduino Nano boards (one for each sock). With the help of a companion Android app, these are used to sense the leg movements of the person and assist them accordingly by providing vibration feedback at specific places on the feet. The socks can detect when a person is going out of rhythm and give a negative feedback, an electric shock. No, I’m just joking.

According to Ziegler, it’s hard for the instructor in a dance class to focus on the movements of every student. The lack of one-to-one supervision and the student unable to do the steps correctly causes frustration.

You can make your own pair of interactive dancing socks. Ziegler has detailed the instructions on Instructables.

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Aditya Tiwari

Aditya Tiwari

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