Android 13 Braille Display In Talkback To Start Rolling Out In The Next Beta

Google made the integration official at I/O.

Android 13 Beta Braille Display
Image: Google

Google has confirmed to roll out the out-of-the-box support for braille displays in the next Android 13 beta. Braille displays can be used with the Android native screen reader Talkback. The support for braille displays will make it easier for braille readers to use Android.

Braille Display Support in Android 13

Before we move ahead and understand how the integration of braille displays will work in the Android 13 beta, let’s understand a bit about braille displays. A refreshable braille display is an electro-mechanical device. It creates braille patterns by raising rounded pins through holes on a flat surface.

The braille-literate computer users use braille displays. They touch and read the braille dots representing text. It is also possible to type braille using a braille display. Those with deafblindness can use these devices to use their mobile phones. A person with blindness can also use their phones silently with its help.

Until now, those users are forced to use a BrailleBack app to connect braille displays with Android smartphones. They had to go through the hassle of installing the app from the Play Store. Alternatively, they were also using a virtual keyboard in the Talkback app instead of a physical device.

Now, after the addition of braille display support in Android 13, there will be no need for an additional download to use most braille displays. All those features required to use braille displays will be available right within the Talkback app.

Talking about some of those features, users can use display buttons to navigate their screens. By navigating the screen, they can do activities like making a phone call, sending a text message, or composing an email.

It also includes new shortcuts that will make it easier to use braille displays with Talkback. There is a shortcut for navigation that will help scroll or move to the next character, word, or line.

Additionally, It has shortcuts for Settings, editing, selecting, copying, and pasting. Those who want to try out the integration can sign up for the Android beta program to try it out in the next Android beat release.

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