Best Zoom Meetings Tips And Tricks You Should Know


Due to the coronavirus pandemic, major countries of the world are under a situation of lockdown. Amidst all these Zoom has emerged as one of the best video conferencing apps and several organizations are using Zoom for conducting meetings.

However, the app came under the radar of security analysts due to a host of major security issues, but still, the number of users is growing on the platform during the lockdown.

If you are one of the users who regularly use Zoom meetings for personal and professional work, these tips and tricks are going to make your experience productive

Best Zoom Tips and Tricks

1. Beauty Filter

Beauty filters can be seen in most of the video conferencing apps and Zoom has also added the feature in their app. The beauty filters can help you look good during video conferencing. You can access the Zoom’s ‘touch up my appearance feature’ under the video settings. The feature could be enabled or disabled as per your preference.

2. Spacebar for mute

Imagine you are in a conference call with your client or colleagues from your home. Unaware, any of your family members enter the room and start talking to you. In such a situation, instead of searching for the mute button, you can simply press the spacebar to mute the microphone. This is one of the most useful Zoom meeting tips that you should keep in mind while attending professional conference calls.

3. Gallery view

If you want to see the live window of each of the participants in a video call instead of a big window of the speaker, you can opt for the gallery view in the app. To activate the gallery view, click on the option present in the top right corner of the screen. If the number of participants is more than 49 in a call, a second screen will be created for other participants.

4. Screen sharing

zoom screen sharing

For sharing important stuff with the whole team at a time, screen sharing is one of the most necessary features. Screen sharing is used majorly for presentations and documents with colleagues. However, people can also use the screen sharing feature to watch movies together online with their friends. This Zoom meeting trick could help you connect with your friends and watch movies together virtually during this Coronavirus quarantine.

5. Virtual backgrounds

zoom virtual backgrounds

Worried about the unprofessional background in your official meeting? Well, you don’t have to, as you can select from a number of options available on Zoom. You just have to go to the settings option and choose the virtual background option from there. There is also an option to upload the photo of whatever background you want to use in your meetings.

6. Keyboard shortcuts

You can use a number of keyboard shortcuts to perform different functions in Zoom Meetings. If you are already in a meeting, you can send a quick invite to other people to join a meeting by typing ⌘Cmd+I for Mac and Alt+I for Windows. You can also record meetings by typing ⌘Cmd+Shift+R in Mac and Alt+R. There are few other shortcuts that you can use in Zoom. For example, to share screen, you can use ⌘Cmd+Shift+S in MacOS and Alt+Shift+S in Windows and to Mute a call, you can use ⌘Cmd+Ctrl+M in MacOs and Alt+M in windows.

Zoom tips & tricks for better video calls

The above-mentioned Zoom tips could help you conduct better video calls especially in a professional environment. Also, you can be more productive on Zoom with these tips to save everyone’s time. This list isn’t exhaustive as there are several features in the Zoom app that you can use to enhance your video calling experience.

Nishit Raghuwanshi

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